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Distributed Systems & Devops Intern

Radix is an early stage startup building an optimizing compiler that takes biotech procedures and compiles them to instructions that can be executed in a physical biology lab. Well plates are our “memory” and our move instruction is telling a lab worker or pipetting robot to move a substance or physical object from one location to another. We build fundamental abstractions over biology labs including work-flow specification, optimized program compilation to varied back-end targets (real labs) and put it behind great UX. The current industry status quo has talented PhD Biologists spend 5 hours a day on hard to reproduce, unoptimized minutia that isn’t innovative. We hope to accelerate biotech innovation like early compilers did for computing by enabling lab protocols to seamlessly operate and be optimized across physical labs. We have funding from some pretty cool people (YCombinator, Firstminute Capital, MIT's The Engine, and Nikesh Arora) and have multiple pilots in academic research labs and commercial biotech corporations, and this number is growing. We’re looking for pragmatic individuals who appreciate well done code and want to make a big difference for our users—biologists and lab workers and biology as a discipline, and enable them to have good tooling that abstracts away menial work.

We’re 100% a Scala shop. While we don’t require that you already know Scala, you will need to become proficient in it quickly. If you have experience with Scala, Erlang, Ocaml, Prolog, Haskell, and/or Java, we’re especially enthusiastic to hear from you. We don’t hire people who don’t enjoy learning and teaching. You can expect to learn from and teach world class engineers.

Key skills:
  • Experience working with and deploying fail-safe near real time distributed systems (especially the Hashicorp stack, Apache Kafka, Aeron UDP, and/or AWS)
  • Experience implementing actor systems – we use Akka
  • Work with high performance, low latency code especially allocation free JVM software
  • Experience tracking down annoying, hard to find, and arcane software bugs
  • Strong critical thinking and causal reasoning skills
  • Experience with functional and object oriented programming or a strong desire and demonstrated capacity to learn
  • Keen to learn and collaborative
  • Experience with GNU/Linux (we work in Linux) and Git for version control

Nice to have:
  • Have done some things in a bio lab or think this sounds cool
  • Interested in or have experience with interpreters, compilers, and/or run-time systems—either professionally, as a hobby, or as a curiosity
  • Experience with constraint based SMT solvers, implementing heuristics and metaheuristics, NP complete solution implementations, data analysis, traveling salesman problems, reinforcement learning, or implementing complex math in code
  • Human factors, user centered, or general design exposure

Radix is a exciting work environment. We care about each other. We’re also LGBTQ+, polyamoroy, kink, gender, minority, and most other things supporting. We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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